• Food Dietary Analysis

    Revamp your health and start in the right place

    How good is the food that you are eating?

  •       Improved Digestion, Energy, Mood and overall re-starting your

    General Health


    A great first step towards taking back control of and improving your health and well being.


    A Food Diary Analysis is a useful tool to help identify imbalances of key food groups, potential trigger foods and nutritional deficiencies and excesses.


    The process - it couldn't be easier. Our clinic will email you a brief client questionnaire, plus our food diary template, to complete. Our food diary covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and liquid.


    On receipt of your completed Food Diary Analysis - Our Clinic can arrange a consultation in person or virtually and Betty will explain what has been found in your Food Diary Analysis.



  • What you will Receive?

    30 minute Consultation in person or via Skype / Facetime


    Personalised 7 Day Meal Planner


    Results of your Nutrient Tracker- How to include the correct Foods in your diet


    Review of your current supplements and advice on the correct supplements for you and your health needs


    Support to answer any questions that you may have

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